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Welcome to Next Level Supply Chain with GS1 US. Join co-hosts Reid Jackson and Liz Sertl as they connect the dots between supply chain and global standards with renowned thought leaders from across disciplines and around the world. Topics include data quality, inventory management, logistics, packaging, standards and best practices, technology and innovation, traceability, master data management, consumer engagement, sustainability, risk management, and persistent unique identification.

Jun 1, 2022

Consumer behavior is completely different than it was 2 years ago. The way we shop and how we make decisions have all evolved. So, it’s no surprise that food safety is a top priority for consumers. As a result, there is movement toward processes and technologies that are helping minimize food contamination and maximize traceability. Join us as GS1 US’s VP of Community Engagement, Angela Fernandez, takes us through the ins and outs of tech-enabled traceability and its impact on food safety.