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Welcome to Next Level Supply Chain with GS1 US. Join co-hosts Reid Jackson and Liz Sertl as they connect the dots between supply chain and global standards with renowned thought leaders from across disciplines and around the world. Topics include data quality, inventory management, logistics, packaging, standards and best practices, technology and innovation, traceability, master data management, consumer engagement, sustainability, risk management, and persistent unique identification.

Oct 11, 2023

Ever wonder what it’s like to build a brand from the ground up? Or how to take your inventions from an idea to reality? Join us for a conversation with Brian Fried from the National Inventor Club, on best practices when establishing a brand and the steps for commercializing your inventions.


Key takeaways: 

  • Connecting with like-minded individuals, seeking advice, and sharing resources are key. This sense of community fosters collaboration, provides support and opens up opportunities for inventors to learn from one another, ultimately increasing their chances of success. 

  • From conducting research to determine the uniqueness of an idea to creating a prototype and deciding on the best approach, this process provides a roadmap for success. Strategic decision-making and considering factors such as manufacturing, distribution, and licensing are key.

  • Many people overlook the importance of having a genuine barcode on their packaging, which can cause problems when trying to sell to retailers. Purchasing barcodes from third-party sellers online may result in the barcode not matching the brand and potentially getting banned from stores.


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